Azure DevOps - Version 5.4.0

    Released for  AZURE DEVOPS on July 12, 2022

    In this release, we've added some improvements and bug fixes.

    In this release


    • ADNODE-412 Improved UI for the Sync panel 
    • ADNODE-384 Added support for a Multi-project sync
    • EXACOMP-1518 Added Exalate Branding in Sync panel
    • EXACOMP-1664 Extended the customer monitor with additional details
    • EXACOMP-1770 Improved scrolling connections in the Sync panel
    • EXACOMP-1831 Added EPSO monitoring report

    Bug fixes

    • ADNODE-408 Fixed the issue with loading projects 
    • ADNODE-430 Fixed the issue with updating General settings 
    • ADNODE-439 Fixed the issue with the Sync panel on a work item 
    • ADNODE-441 Fixed the Trigger screen 
    • ADNODE-442 Fixed the Entity sync status in the Exalate menu
    • ADNODE-445 Fixed the issue with using Exalate within the Exalate node URL
    • ADNODE-446 Fixed the issue with storing General settings after uninstall-install again actions
    • ADNODE-447 Fixed the Unexpected error while performing sync using a Visual connection 
    • ADNODE-450 Fixed the issue with Unexalating a work item that had been synced before migration
    • ADNODE-452 Fixed the "Bad response when getting workItems for project" error while triggering an issue
    • ADNODE-453 Fixed the issue with creating a Visual connection to Azure DevOps
    • ADNODE-454 Fixed the issue with generating a redirect URL when creating a Basic connection
    • ADNODE-455 Fixed the issue in Entity Sync Status where the "Not synchronized" status was displayed if the issue had been synchronized via trigger
    • ADNODE-456 Fixed the UI issue where a long connection name jumped to the next line on hover
    • ADNODE-457 Fixed the issue with inserting General Settings
    • ADNODE-465 Fixed the Script connection issue where the project was not a part of a script
    • ADNODE-466 Fixed the issue with getting a work item status while Exalating an item from the Connections menu
    • ADNODE-469 Adnode deployment on-prem should be supported
    • EXACOMP-1864 Fixed the visibility of the filter in Visual connection