Attachment Checksum Failed


    Error detail:
    A ckecksum for a file `FILE_NAME` cannot be computed. The computing tool responds with a message: `ERROR_MESSAGE` Please contact Exalate support.


    File checksum calculation failed, sometimes this means that there is something wrong with the attachment itself and one of the filesystems doesn't properly store it. For example, we have seen how some customers have problems when the attachment name contains some undesired capital letters (.JPG) or some special characters (?).


    It's important to Identify if this is happening for a specific attachment or all attachments. If this is for a single attachment, check if there is anything special about it that could be causing the problem.

    To unblock a particular issue that is blocked by a particular attachment.

    1. Clean-up sync data for the issue with the attachment
    2. Remove the attachment
    3. Synchronize the issue again