How to Sync Statuses in Exalate for Salesforce

    In this article, we describe how to sync status in Exalate for Salesforce. If the statuses are different for different platforms you may need to configure the status mapping.

    This is an example of Salesforce to Jira status sync.

    Salesforce Outgoing sync

    replica.Status = entity.Status

    Jira Incoming sync

    The incoming rules include status mapping.

    def statusMapping = ["New":"To Do", "Working":"In Progress"]
    def remoteStatusName = replica.Status.value
    issue.setStatus(statusMapping[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName)

    Another example is for Jira to Salesforce status sync. It includes status mapping configuration.

    Jira Outgoing sync

    replica.status = issue.status

    Salesforce Incoming sync

    // ["remote status name": "local status name"]
    def statusMap = [
                "Done": "Resolved",
                "In Progress": "In Action"
    def remoteStatusName =
    statusName = statusMap[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName
    entity.Status = statusName

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