GitHub - Version 5.0.14

    Released for GITHUB on Dec 9, 2020

    From now on, you will receive a verification link when registering an instance. This simplifies the process of creating an Exalate proxy user account and improves security. Also, Exalate can now convert data from GitHub Markdown to HTML, which improves sync of headings, text, lists, and links. In addition, we fixed various bugs, and made UI improvements

    In this release


    EXE-801We updated the process of registering an Exalate instance. From now on, you will receive a verification link to your email. This simplifies the process of creating an Exalate admin account and improves security
    GITHUBNODE-191Now Exalate for GitHub can convert between GitHub Markdown to HTML. This improves sync of headings, text, lists and links
    EXACOMP-907Script error messages now redirect to the exact line where you encounter the error
    EXACOMP-914Improved trigger performance and execution logic
    GITHUBNODE-163Error messages are not sent to users who uninstalled Exalate

    Bug fixes

    GITHUBNODE-187Fixed bug with sync between GitHub and Jira Server being stuck after creating an issue and syncing it through an existing connection
    EASE-6768Fixed bug with assignees not syncing correctly between Github and Jira
    EXACOMP-854Fixed bug with Errors page being shown in the Entity sync status page
    EXACOMP-897Fixed bug with deactivating connections being added to sync queue
    EXACOMP-757Fixed bug with instances crashing after deleting a connection
    EXACOMP-885Fixed issue with attachments not syncing between private and public instances

    UI updates

    GITHUBNODE-177Updated log in screen

    Added various filters for the Sync Queue:

    • by connection
    • by local issue key
    • by remote issue key
    EXACOMP-878Added a filter by issues in the Errors tab
    EXACOMP-882Rules is now the default tab in the Edit connection screen
    EXACOMP-916Raised the maximum amount of characters for the connection name up to 255

    You can now save changes in a connection by pressing the following hotkeys:

    • Ctrl+S on Windows or Linux
    • Cmd+S on Mac
    EXACOMP-913Added possibility to connect issues from the Entity Sync status tab