How to Generate Personal Access Token for Azure DevOps

    This article shows you how to generate a Personal access token (PAT). Personal access tokens are used to log in to Exalate for Azure DevOps.

    Note: Make sure that the user generating the PAT belongs to the Project Collection Administrators group. You can check this in Organization SettingsPermissions.

    To generate an Azure DevOps personal access token:

    1. Sign in to your organization in Azure DevOps:{yourorganization}

    2. Navigate to User settings Personal access tokens.

    3. Click New token.

    4. Choose the name for your token, select the organization where you want to use the token, and set the expiration date for the token.

      Note: Set the longest expiration period for the token to keep it valid for as long as possible.

    5. Select the following scopes:
    • Work Items ( READ & WRITE
    • Project and Team (vso.project) READ
    • User Profile (vso.profile) READ
    • Identity (vso.identity) READ
    • Member Entitlement Management (vso.memberentitlementmanagement) READ
    Note: Without this scope, Exalate is not able to sync work items.
    1. Click Create.
    2. Copy the token and save it for reuse in the future.