Zendesk - Version 5.0.26

    Released for ZENDESK on Dec 9, 2020

    From now on, you will receive a verification link when registering an instance. This makes it easier to finish the evaluation process and create an Exalate proxy user account. Besides, this feature also improves security. Also, you can set up Exalate to mention a user, who added a specific attachment to a ticket. We also fixed a couple of bugs and made UI improvements 

    In this release


    EXE-801We updated the process of registering an Exalate instance. From now on, you will receive a verification link to your email. This simplifies the process of creating an Exalate admin account and improves security
    ZENDESK-294Exalate can now mention a specific user who added an attachment

    Bug fixes

    ZENDESK-137Fixed bug where it was not possible to sync inline attachments
    ZENDESK-291Fixed bug with comments not syncing for reopened issues
    EXAEDIT-1168Fixed bug where it was not possible to verify admin access for Visual mode connections in Safari
    EXACOMP-949Fixed bug with memory chunks being labeled incorrectly

    UI updates

    EXACOMP-913Added possibility to connect issues from the Entity Sync status tab

    You can now save changes in a connection by pressing the following hotkeys:

    • Ctrl+S on Windows or Linux
    • Cmd+S on Mac