Azure DevOps - Version 5.0.21

    Released for AZURE DEVOPS on Nov 6, 2020

    Exalate has new scripts to convert between Jira Cloud Markdown and Azure DevOps HTML. It makes syncing text, images, lists, tables, links, and comments easier. We also updated our UI, and made various bug fixes.

    In this release



    Now you can convert from Jira Cloud Markdown to Azure DevOps HTML and vice versa. This simplifies syncing text, images, lists, tables, links, and comments

    EXACOMP-850Improved performance of Clean-up tools
    JCLOUD-1484Improved triggers performance
    EXACOMP-842Connections list in Clean-up tools now loads faster

    Bug fixes

    EXACOMP-862Fixed bug with issue attachments not synced in private to public connections
    ADNODE-246Fixed bug with error appearing when deleting images in connections between Jira Cloud and Azure DevOps
    EXAEDIT-1081Fixed Copy invitation code alignment in Safari
    ZENDESK-263Fixed bug with repeated sync in connections from Zendesk to Jira
    EXACOMP-571Fixed bug with Work item field highlighted as an error when doing a Clean-up
    EXACOMP-715Fixed bug with data, attachments, and comments not syncing in Bulk connect
    EXACOMP-838Fixed problem with blank page showing up in Connection section during connection errors

    UI updates

    EXACOMP-817Updated Subscribe to Exalate section