HP ALM/QC - Version 5.0.8

    Released for HP ALM/QC on Aug 11, 2020

    Improved user verification, made various UI improvements and bug fixes.

    To download the latest version go to HP ALM/QC: Download page.

    In this release

    • HPQCNODE-938  Added verification by API key during user login
    • EXAEDIT-883  Fixed a bug with text overlapping when creating a trigger
    • EXACOMP-598  Fixed issue with creating public connections from remote instances
    • EXACOMP-583  Added possibility to filter errors by connection name
    • EXACOMP-595  Improved multiple attachment loading during sync
    • EXACOMP-568  Fixed formatting in email notifications about sync errors
    • EXACOMP-601  Updated tooltip text in the Exalate Notifications section
    • EXAEDIT-733  Updated text in the Support section
    • EXACOMP-609  Added Cancel button in General settings and in Connections, fixed text wrapping
    • EXAEDIT-921  Updated text and formatting for various actions: deleting Triggers, Bulk Exalate, Unexalate, and more
    • SNOWNODE-170  Fixed bug with Delete option not showing after creating multiple triggers
    • EXACOMP-618  Added possibility to get an evaluation and a network license in the License details section
    • EXAEDIT-775  Added links to errors from the Connections section
    • EXACOMP-614  Updated sync requirements: now license is required on both ends for sync
    • EXACOMP-635  Fixed More details link in the Clean-up Tools section
    • EXACOMP-704  Added Configure Sync button to set up sync scope after creating a connection with a script
    • EXE-779  Updated amount of possible synchronizations with a free trial license
    • EXACOMP-721  Fixed attachment handling when adding attachment during sync
    • EXACOMP-724  Action icons for connections are always visible instead of on hover
    • EXACOMP-705  Added possibility to go to remote instance after copying invitation code
    • EXACOMP-726  Fixed problem with loading a support .zip file when syncing a lot of issues
    • EXACOMP-727  Fixed bug with menus not showing after adding a license to an unlicensed copy