Proxy User Can't Access Service Desk


    You are developing a synchronization between Jira software and JIRA Service Management instances (or projects) and you bump into an error as detailed below.

    Error detail:
    com.exalate.api.exception.IssueTrackerException: It was not possible to retrieve service desk comment from comment `take-3 - c...`
     The Service Desk Error: `AnError
    Unknown macro: {httpStatusCode=403, errorCode=none(), message='sd.api.error.comment.forbidden }
    `, message `You do not have permission to view this comment`


    The Exalate Proxy User does not have access to Jira Service Management.


    Provide the Exalate Proxy User permissions to access Jira Service Management.

    For more information about permissions, please read Atlassian documentation.