Zendesk - Version 5.12.0

    Released for Zendesk on May 21, 2024

    In this release, we've made some improvements and resolved the following issues: 

    • XLT - 5277 - httpClient does not encode the request URL.
    • XLT-5122 -  Log out from getting started screen breaks log in screen UI.
    • XLT- 4602 - Redirect Users to Getting Started page.
    • XLT-5066 - Replace support.idalko.com with licensegen.exalate.com as license generation service.
    • XLT-5145  - "Before we start" doesn't remain closed.
    • XLT- 5155 - "Hide Completed" button behaviour improvements.
    • XLT-5152 - Automate removal of deleted Chargebee subscriptions.
    • XLT-5150 - Step 3. Automate Sync is not marked as done if user already have Trigger.
    • XLT-5124 - [BUG] Active connection tooltip is not centred in relation to the frame.
    • XLT -4992 - Http client to resolve RAM issues.
    • XLT-5003 - XSS scripts can be stored in the following field (Exalate by connection/Visual connection filters).
    • XLT-4846 - Behavior of the Entity key fields are not consistent.
    • XLT-4561 - "Not able to verify the authentication type" on zendesknode.