Salesforce - Version 5.5.4

    Released for SALESFORCE on June 28, 2023

    In this release, we've added some improvements and bug fixes. 

    In this release


    • XLT-3522 Add a cross button for entities filters for all modals and improve placeholders.
    • XLT-3523 Improve the look of the “Verification confirmed” modal.
    • XLT-3524 Replace a question mark connection icon with a new standard icon.
    • XLT-3525 Add a “DONE” button to the Exalate modal .
    • XLT-3526 Remove animation for Exalate logo when syncing is in progress.
    • XLT-3529 Turn the “I don’t have a URL” button into a toggle.
    • XLT-3530 Change “Create a new connection” to “Initiate connection”.
    • XLT-3532 Improve the look of the “Accept invitation” button in Guide mode.
    • XLT-3533 Align "Guide buttons" with the current style.
    • XLT-3534 Remove a “verified” flag after verifying instance.
    • XLT-3535 Changing copy on the node registration flow.
    • XLT-3536 Renew documentation links throughout all the UI.
    • XLT-3537 Make steps circles bigger for visual mode configuration.

    Bug fixes

    • XLT-955 Endpoint "bulkunexalate" should properly handle invalid input.
    • XLT-1273 Possible security issue with sending invitation code to the remote side using query parameters.
    • XLT-3616 Two modal windows opened when click on Bulk Connect.
    • XLT-3631 The text buttons should have only one Idle state.
    • XLT-3647 Text on bulk connect message contains paragraphs.
    • XLT-3648 Dropdown "More" conditions is shifted when creating Trigger.
    • XLT-3664 Button is constantly loading if using empty value in the field.
    • XLT-3671 Scripts are not executed if XSS is stored in Entity sync status.