CustomField Structure

    Object customFields

    id, name, type, value

    Introduced in 0.5

    issue.customFields is an array of custom fields. The value of the custom field might contain different values.


    # Field name Comment Object type
    1 id
    2 name
    3 type
    4 value

    Depending on the custom field type, the value can be either:

    • a single atomic type such as a number, string
    • an array of values
    • a map of values
    Check out our Configuration Guides for more exmaples.

    Custom field types

    A custom field type can be one of the following:

    • String
    • Text
    • Numeric
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • URL
    • Option
    • User
    • Options
    • Users
    • Versions
    • Labels
    • Service Desk SLA
    • Service Desk Vp Origin
    • Cascading Select