Can I Use Exalate for Migration?

    Exalate is an integration solution, but some of our users are successfully using Exalate for migration scenarios.  

    Note: When considering using Exalate as a solution for your migration, please note that the standard size of your Exalate node  is 1 Gb. Because of the bulk operations, there is a very high probably that you will go over that limit. To avoid that please notify our team that you will be using Exalate for migration purposes. 

    • The transport and replication layer of Exalate is optimized for synchronization, and not for migration.
      The consequence is that it will take much longer to transfer the data than a plain project import/export.
    • Configurations are not migrated.
      To copy the configuration of your projects revert to other tools.
    • Project customizations require custom synchronization Rules.
      No project configuration is alike. Unless you are using a standard configuration of the underlying tracker (Jira, HP QC), you will have to reserve time to develop and validate the synchronization Rules.
      We advise developing this capability in a staging environment.
    • A number of issue fields cannot be updated due to the limitations of the platform API's
      • Dates such as createdate, resolutiondate, updatedate (on all entities)
      • Issue creator
      • Agile history
      • Issue key

    If you are looking to migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud - please check out the Jira Cloud Migration assistant which provides a lift and shift approach for migrations

    Supporting your Migration Effort

    We are happy to provide you with professional services to implement your migration.

    Please contact or one of the Exalate partners for a custom quote.