How to set an attachment author in Exalate for Zendesk

    By default, Exalate for Zendesk adds a comment showing the proxy user as the attachment author. The following is an example of such a comment:

    Exalate admin has added an attachment

    With scripts, you can set up a different attachment author.


    Outgoing sync

    In the outgoing sync you can add these lines to your sync script:

    1 replica.addedAttachments.each { it.executor = nodeHelper.getUser("1234567890") } // replace "1234567890" with the Zendesk user id
    2 issue.attachments     += replica.addedAttachments

    Script parameters


    it.executor = nodeHelper.getUser("1234567890")

    Sets a specific Zendesk user as an attachment author. Enter a specific user ID instead of 1234567890

    To get a Zendesk user ID:

    1. Navigate to Admin -> People.
    2. Select the Exalate proxy user.
    3. Copy the user ID from the address bar of your browser. The User ID will be located next to the /users/ parameter. For example, for this line, the user ID will be 372123233699:
      For more information please check out this Zendesk article:

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