How to Generate a Security Token in Salesforce?

    How to Generate a Security Token for Salesforce?

    Personal access tokens are used to log in to Exalate for Salesforce. 

    Once the Exalate has been configured and verified you will need the following data to log in:

    • Username - issue tracker administrator user
    • Password - consists of the issue tracker password and security token, without space.

    You can reset the security token from your Salesforce account.

    1. Log in to your Salesforce account

    The Salesforce user must be an organization member or have admin access to a repository where Exalate is installed.

    2. Click the profile avatar and choose Settings

    3. Select My Personal Information → Reset My Security Token

    4. Check your email for the security token

    Once the token has been regenerated, you can use it to log in to your Exalate admin console.