ServiceNow - Version 5.5.0/5.5.1

    Released for SERVICENOW on April 21, 2023

    In this release, we've added some improvements and bug fixes. 

    We are rolling out this release gradually and will publish an update on Exalate Status Page when it is available for all users.

    In this release


    • CNSL-30 Users are provided with information regarding Exalate security policies before logging in to the Exalate admin Console.
    • CNSL-368 Users can see the actual connection type, so they know the type of connection they are in.
    • CNSL-369 Replaced the toggle that activates the Trigger with a checkbox.
    • CNSL-372 Changed the popup on login.
    • CNSL-373 Adde the instance URL to the info tab of a connection.
    • XLT-888 Added additional fields to the script processor context information.
    • XLT-889 Admins can see all interactions between the issue tracker and Exalate.
    • XLT-914 Infrastructure managers have storage options for attachments.
    • XLT-916 Ensured that system.exit cannot be called.
    • XLT-3125 Removed Network license mentions from the error messages. 

    Bug fixes

    • CNSL-21 Column Width not showing correctly the message value ("WAITING_FOR_RESPONSE") for Outgoing Sync Status Column.
    • CNSL-22 Some of the required fields aren't required when editing mappings.
    • CNSL-31 No message when deleting a trigger from connection.
    • CNSL-382 Wrong warning message if the evaluation license is not yet added.
    • CNSL-466 Duplicated buttons on the organisation information collection modal window.
    • CNSL-537 Users can't proceed to check out process when the VAT is set incorrectly.
    • XLT-878 Synchronisation fails to start (without any trace), if summary is longer than 255 chars.
    • XLT-894 Ensure that the invitation Secret is not exposed in the incoming sync.
    • XLT-896 Connection secret may be exposed when logging.
    • XLT-898 Metrics API is exposed to anonymous calls.
    • XLT-906 It is not possible to exalate an issue using basic connection if a user lost his/her paid license and didn't deactivate a visual or script connection.
    • XLT-910 [Attachments] "Only send from" option can't be saved.
    • XLT-1182 Issues start synchronizing after the trigger is created..
    • XLT-2003 Triggers don't work due to bad format.