Jira on-premise - Version 5.5.2

    Released for JIRA ON-PREMISE on June 20 , 2023

    In this release, we've added some bug fixes.

    In this release

    Bug fixes

    • XLT-3599 Add a punctuation mark: a comma or a point.
    • XLT-3604 Visual connection, mapping. Not correct color for the icon.
    • XLT-3608 Fix alignment of text on Error List.
    • XLT-3621 Corrupted UI at License usages - Destination Instance URL duplicated & overlaps Connections.
    • XLT-3651 The "If no matching value" string type field marked as not required after removing the value.
    • XLT-3674 Fix space between components on create triggers page.
    • XLT-3689 Typographical error in License Tooltip.