Helper nodeHelper

    Signature getIssueType(String issueTypeName) getIssueType(String issueTypeName, String projectKey) getIssueType(String issueTypeName, IHubProject project)

    Returns an issuetype object based on the issueTypeName
    Returns a null when the issueTypeName is not found

    Returns an issuetype object based on the issueTypeName and a projectKey.
    Returns a null when the issueTypeName is not found

    Introduced in 0.8 4.0.0

    Example use

     issue.issueType = nodeHelper.getIssueType("Bug")

    For Exalate 4.0.0 and higher

    We retrieve a project key from the issue variable to find a set of issue types associated with a certain project.

    Example use

    Get the issue type, based on the replica issueTypeName and projectKey.

    Incoming sync for new issues(create/change processor)

    issue.typeName = nodeHelper.getIssueType(replica.type?.name, (issue.projectKey ?: issue.project.key))?.name ?: "Task"


    • The name is case sensitive
    • Use issue.issueTypeName as shortcut function
      issue.issueTypeName = "Bug"