How to Sync Customer Request Type Field in Jira Service Desk on Jira Cloud?

    Customer Request Type is a Jira Service Desk field. Jira Service Desk project handles the request type based on the mapping of the request type to the issue type.

    The Customer Request type depends on

    • The service desk project
    • The issue type
    • The request type

    Each request type is based on an issue type. A single issue type can be the basis for many different request types.

    Source Side

    Outgoing sync

    Add the following script to send the data of the request type issue field:

    replica.customFields."Request Type"   = issue.customFields."Request Type"

    Destination Side

    Each request type in a service desk is based on an issue type. To set a request type for a local issue Exalate needs to know the name of the issue type the request is based on.

    If there are no rules for the Customer Request type in the incoming script, Exalate will automatically set a random request type based on the issue type.

    Make sure that the issue.typeName is set to the proper issue type and the request type is valid for that issue type.

    Incoming sync

    You can set a request type manually in the incoming sync.

    The example below helps to set the request type to IT Help for the received issues from the remote side.

    issue.customFields."Request Type".value =  replica.customFields."Request Type"?.value

    Depending on the Jira Service Desk version the name of the customer request type might differ. Please make sure that you have the correct custom field name in the script.