Install Exalate for Jira Cloud


    You can install Exalate on Jira Cloud:

    • From the Atlassian Marketplace.
    • From the App Manager.
    • On Docker.

    Install Exalate from the marketplace

    To install Exalate from the marketplace, follow the steps below:

    1. Search for the app on the marketplace.
    2. Click Try it Free.

    3. Select Cloud as your hosting type and click Start free trial. 

    4. Choose a site to install the app and click Start free trial

                 After this step, you are redirected to your Jira dashboard.

    5. Confirm the free trial

    6. You're all set!

    Install Exalate from the App Manager

    To install the app from your Jira administration App manager follow the steps below:

    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.

    2. From the top navigation bar click Apps -> Find new apps

    3. Type Exalate in a search field to find ExalateJira Issue Sync & more

    4. Click the app icon for more information and Try it Free

    5. Click Start Free Trial

    6. You're all set!

    Install Exalate on Docker

    You can host Exalate for Jira Cloud on your own server. To do so, you need to install Exalate on Docker. 

    Note: You need to install Docker. Check the docker documentation for more details.

    Video Tutorial

    For an easy overview, please watch our video on how to install Exalate on Jira Cloud: