How to Uninstall Exalate from Salesforce

    This article describes how to uninstall Exalate from your Salesforce work management system.

    To uninstall Exalate:

    1. Manage user's permissions:

    1. Access the Salesforce instance and click Setup.

    2. Go to Users -> Permissions Sets and click Exalate User.

    3. Click Manage Assignments.

    4. Select a user and click Remove assignments.

    5. Go back to Users -> Permissions Sets and click Exalate Admin.

    6. Click Manage Assignments.

    7. Select a user and click Remove assignments.

    2. Remove the Exalate Sync panel from the objects view:

    1. Open an object where you have previously added a sync panel.
    2. Click Setup -> Edit Page.

    3. Remove the sync panel by clicking a trash icon on the component and clicking Save.

    4. Click the Activation button.

    5. Move to the App Default tab and click Remove Assignments.

    6. Select Exalate for phone and desktop and click Next.

    7. Review the change and click Save.

    Note: You need to remove the sync panel from every object where it has been previously added.

    3. Remove Remote Site settings:

    1. Click Setup
    2. Type "remote" in the search field and click Remote Site Settings.

    3. Delete all the Exalate-related settings.

    4. Remove the Connected App

    1. Click Setup.
    2. Go to Apps -> App manager and in the list of apps find Exalate with the app type Connected.

    3. On the right side click the little arrow and choose View.

    4. Click Delete.

    5. Confirm the app removal by clicking Delete.

    5. Remove Lightning App:

    1. Go to Setup 
    2. Click Apps -> Packaging -> Installed Packages.

    3. Click Uninstall next to the ExalateBridgeApp.

    4. Confirm that you want to uninstall the package with the checkmark and click Uninstall.

      With the help of a radio button, you can choose to save a copy of this package's data for 48 hours after uninstall.

    You see the status of the uninstallation changing from In Progress to Uninstall Complete.