Can't Log in to Exalate for Azure DevOps using PAT


    Can not log in to the Exalate admin dashboard using Personal Access Token.

    Error detail:
    Credentials provided are not correct


    • Problem with permissions, required by Exalate to communicate with the Azure DevOps instance. 
    • The PAT is invalid


    Make sure your user is part of the 'Project Collection Administrators' permission group (under organization settings -> Permissions)

    Project collection administrators group: Exalate

    You can validate the permissions with Postman using the Basic Auth with your PAT as a username and password:

    GET YOUR_AZURE_URL/_apis/permissions/11238e09-49f2-40c7-94d0-8f0307204ce4/15?alwaysAllowAdministrators=true

    Authenticate with Basic Auth using your PAT token as username and password.

    Exalate Proxy User needs to have permission to read, write, and manage Work Items and be a Project Collection Administrator on the Organization level.

    Check Exalate for Azure DevOps: Proxy user permissions for more details.