Jira Cloud - Version 5.9.0-5.9.2

    Released for Jira Cloud on February 28, 2024

    In this release, we've introduced several new features. We have also added some improvements and bug fixes.


    • XLT-4069 - Buy an Exalate license within the application using the in-app purchase flow, which allows you to easily upgrade their account and access advanced features.
    • XLT-4070 -  Users can reactivate  a free license  and upgrade the account in the app to access advanced features.
    • XLT-4071 - Cancel an Exalate subscription in the application (Manage Your Subscription option).
    • XLT-4072 - Manage billing information in the Exalate application, allowing users to update their payment method and billing details. 
    • XLT-4073 - View your billing history.
    • XLT-4424 - Disable the Buy License button on the UI to prevent duplicated purchases of the same plan.
    • XLT-4467 - Manage your ChargeBee subscription validation in the app and access Exalate functionality based on your subscription plan and status.
    • XLT-4497 - Users can automatically switch to the free plan when their Exalate paid subscriptions expire.
    • XLT-4509 - The Getting Started menu provides direct links to each of the menu items.
    • XLT-4553 - Use the AI-powered Streamlit integration to help you edit your connection configuration.
    • XLT-4577 - Users can auto-renew their Exalate subscription in the app, with the option to cancel the default-enabled auto-renewal when desired.
    • XLT- 4615 Exalate handles the 'Subscription_created' event to support migration of stripe subscription to ChargeBee.
    • XLT- 4616 - AI-integration UI Enhancements.
    • XLT-4675 - code prompts are provided automatically when creating a script connection to help users configure their connections more easily.

    Issues Fixed

    • XLT-1789 - Attachments aren't removed on the remote side.
    • XLT-3395 - Comments are not updated on the remote side until one more update is performed.
    • XLT-4058  - Exalate fails if a project has custom field of type plainText in project.
    • XLT-4098 - Nodes don't recover from resultInf.
    • XLT-4197 - Too many requests unnecessarily sent to Jira,resulting in higher chance of rate limiting (429 responses).
    • XLT-4286 - Value is not set to the boolean custom field during exalate.
    • XLT-4402 - It is not possible to create a local connection using the issue_tracker url.
    • XLT-4459 - Strange WARN messages in the logs.
    • XLT-4469 - TimeoutException: Futures timed out after [1 minute] during connection creation.
    • XLT-4480 - No message for Exalated or Unexalated when doing a Bulk Exalate and Bulk Unexalate from Connection -> Trigger.
    • XLT-4535 -  NOT RENEWING status isn't switched back to ACTIVE after removing scheduled cancellation.
    • XLT-4575 - Unnecessary api call for isSdIssue.
    • XLT-4603 - Stored XSS in CleanUp by Entity / Issue Key field.
    • XLT-4685 - Usages don't work with licensing service variables.
    • XLT-4686 - Stripe is not accessible with Active Licensing Service enabled.
    • XLT-4740 - GroovyHttpClient fails due to scala upgrade.
    • XLT-4756  - "by Idalko" is still mentioned when installing Exalate from the Atlassian Marketplace.
    • XLT-4796 - Blank screens on node if there's an error for sync.
    • XLT-4801 - Not possible to create a private connection.
    • XLT-4810 - NPE when syncing with visual connection.
    • XLT-4832 - NPE when syncing with visual connection and licensing enabled.
    • XLT-4834 - Blank page displayed when user goes to Entity Sync status page.
    • XLT-4842 - Not possible to Exalate/Update entity from node with LS enabled.
    • XLT-4845 - Connection doesn't sync/update data to GitHub.