What are the Known Product Limitations in Exalate for Salesforce?

    This section covers key known limitations of Exalate for Salesforce.

    The following lists features that are not supported at this time:

    1. Attachments aren't synced to Task.
      In Salesforce, Task objects do not include an Attachment field by default. There is a custom field called 'Files' that is treated as an attachment field for the Incoming sync. In order for the attachments to be seen on the Task view, it is required to add a Files field to the Task object in Salesforce.

    2. Comments cannot be synced when feed tracking is not enabled.
      There are several objects in Salesforce that have feed tracking disabled by default. Take a look at the following solution for this limitation: Comments sync fails.

    3. Impersonation of comments.

    4. Sync action: Reply to Comments is not currently supported.
      Salesforce treats Comments as separate objects and Reply to Comments cannot be synced at the moment.

    5. It is not possible to use Textarea fields for a search query when creating a trigger.
      Textarea fields contain text that can be longer than 4000 bytes. Unlike string fields, textarea fields cannot be specified in the WHERE clause of a queryString of a query() call. More information on the limitation.