How to Sync Stories in Exalate for ServiceNow

    In ServiceNow, stories are work units that can be completed within a sprint. Stories are available as part of the Agile Development application. You can sync stories with Exalate for ServiceNow.


    Outgoing Sync

    Example of a script to send story data:

    if(entityType == "story") {
      replica.short_description = story.short_description
      replica.description = story.description
      replica.correlation_id = story.correlation_id
      replica.correlation_display = story.correlation_display
      replica.assigned_to = story.assigned_to

    This script sends data for the following fields of the story table:

    • short_description
    • description
    • correlation_id
    • correlation_display
    • assigned_to


    Incoming Sync

    Example of a script to receive story data:

    if(entityType == "story") {
      story.short_description = replica.summary
      story.description = replica.description
      story.correlation_id = replica.key
      story.correlation_display = "IDalko-Jira"
      story.assigned_to = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(replica.assignee?.email)?.key   

    With this script, we can sync data with Jira issues: summaries, descriptions, assignees.

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