Jira Cloud - Version 4.1.2-AC (internal: 5.0.59)

    Released for JIRA CLOUD on Nov 16, 2020

    In this release, we introduced new admin verification in Visual mode connections. From now on, it uses OAuth, which improves security. Moreover, you can now sync data between different Exalate versions, starting from 5.0.0. We also made a bunch of UI updates and bug fixes.

    In this release


    JCLOUD-1451From now on, admin verification in Visual mode uses OAuth. This improves app security. Also, if you complete admin verification once, you won't need to complete it again
    EXAEDIT-873You can now create Visual mode connections between any Exalate version that supports Visual mode. This works for all versions after 5.0.0
    EXAEDIT-998Added possibility to configure scope matching in the remote instance
    SNOWNODE-250Items in the Entity type dropdown load faster
    JCLOUD-1491Improved triggers performance
    JCLOUD-1496Sync is now faster because delete events consume less resources
    EXACOMP-877Improved trigger synchronization for Incoming sync scripts

    Bug fixes

    JCLOUD-1401Fixed bug with error having confusing formatting
    EXACOMP-901Fixed bug when instance could crash after generating a support.zip file
    EXACOMP-897Fixed bug with deactivating connections being added to sync queue
    EXACOMP-885Fixed issue with attachments not syncing between private and public instances
    EASE-6601Fixed bug with comments being deleted during sync between Jira Cloud and Zendesk
    EXACOMP-854Fixed bug with Errors page being shown in the Entity sync status page

    UI updates

    EXAEDIT-1091Added information about entities accessible to users in Visual mode connections
    EXAEDIT-1075Added a Revoke remote access button for Visual mode connections. It removes connection access from the remote user
    EXAEDIT-952Added a notification on how to proceed if your Exalate versions are not compatible
    EXAEDIT-238Updated Details section in the Outgoing sync tab
    EXACOMP-895Fixed button positioning in the Errors section
    EXACOMP-886Depending on the error type, the Resolve and retry button could be named as Dismiss
    EXACOMP-882Rules is now the default tab in the Edit connection screen
    EXACOMP-878Added a filter by issues in the Errors tab
    EXACOMP-853Added a progress indicator when you download a support.zip file

    Added various filters for the Sync Queue:

    • by connection
    • by local issue key
    • by remote issue key
    EXACOMP-836Added an introduction message when there are no triggers created