What Permissions should the Proxy User Have in ServiceNow?

    The Proxy user is the ServiceNow now user who carries out the synchronization between the Exalate node and the ServiceNow instance.

    The minimum permissions required for the Proxy user are:

    • import_set_loader
    • import_transformer
    • import_scheduler
    • snc_platform_rest_api_access

    The best approach is to create a new role and add the above permissions to that role. 

    Make sure that along with these basic roles, the Proxy user is also a member of ITIL or similar.

    To allow you to add comments to incidents (or whatever entity you want to sync), add 3 ACLs (create, read, write) on sys_journal_field to the Exalate role. 

    And as the last step, make the Proxy user a member of the Exalate role.

    Note: The Proxy user can be used to log in to the Exalate console.