Known Issue: With Syncing Summary Longer Than 255 Characters


    Syncing a summary longer than 255 chars throws an error or the summary is not synced correctly.  


    Some platforms have a limit on the summary field size (like Jira), while others don't (like GitHub). 

    So it is necessary to ensure the size of the summary you wish to sync doesn't exceed 255 characters.  If it does, it is advisable to truncate it to 255 characters. 


    For instance, to sync an issue consisting of a long summary from GitHub to other platforms, you can use one of the rules stated below: 

    1. Outgoing Sync in GitHub

    replica.summary = issue.summary.take(255)

    2. Incoming Sync on other platforms: (Jira Cloud,  Azure DevOps, Salesforce,  and so on)

    issue.summary = replica.summary.take(255)