How to Add a Remote Issue Key Field in HP ALM/QC

    Warning: We are moving Exalate for HP QC/ALM into basic maintenance mode. This transition period will last until November 2024, after which support will be halted completely. For more information, please see

    This article shows how to add a remote issue key field in HP ALM/QC.

    Exalate allows displaying the remote issue key in a separate field. You can configure this field in the Exalate app for HP ALM/QC admin console.

    Sending Side

    Outgoing sync

    You need to be sure that the other side includes the issue key in a replica. To send the issue key add this code

    replica.key = issue.key

    Receiving Side (HP ALM/QC)

    1. Navigate to Connections -> edit connection

    2. Select Sync Rules tab

    3. Add the field name

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