Free Plan: Clarifications

    Free Plan

    With the Free Plan, you can sync up to 1000 entities, 4 fields (title, description, comments, attachment), and an unlimited number of triggers and connections per month. Only the Basic configuration mode is included and Visual and Script modes are not available in the Free Plan.

    The Free Plan license becomes available automatically after the Evaluation license expires. 

    Note: In Jira Cloud, you need to unsubscribe from the Evaluation license manually to use the Free plan license. For more information, check out How to switch to a Free plan license in Exalate for Jira Cloud.

    How it Works?

    Every month the "Used synchronization" counter will be set to 1000, regardless of the number of synchronizations you have used the month before. 

    "Used synchronization" means new entity pairs (so-called twins) that you either exalated (you created a new copy on the remote side) or connected (you connected 2 entities that already existed on both platforms). The transactions between the existing twins are unlimited. It means you can update (or add more to) the title, descriptions, comments, and attachments as many times as you want. 

    All the existing twins from the previous month/s will stay in sync. So if over 3 months you used all 1000 syncs, by the beginning of the 4th month you'll have 3000 entities in sync on each side.

    And if you have multiple connections, synchronizations will be shared across all of them.