Exalate API Reference Documentation

    Exalate supports many out-of-the-box entities for different platforms like Jira, Zendesk, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, etc. 

    In addition to this, it also comes with an advanced intuitive scripting engine that allows users to write Groovy scripts for synchronizing almost any kind of information. These scripts are present as Outgoing Sync and Incoming Sync in both the platforms under sync. The Outgoing sync controls information being sent out of the instance and Incoming sync respects how information received from the other instance must be handled. 

    This section describes the Exalate API Reference Documentation that can be used to write these scripts. 

    API and Custom Fields Auto-Completion:  when working with Groovy scripts you can take advantage of the auto complete feature as you write your code.   You can read more about this feature here.