How to Sync User Fields in Zendesk

    This article shows how to sync Zendesk user fields. In Exalate, you can sync:

    • ticket creators
    • ticket assignees
    • ticket reporters

    Check out the full list of entities you can sync in Zendesk: fields and entities available for synchronization.

    Source side

    Outgoing sync

    Use the following script to send fields like ticket creator, ticket assignee, and ticket reporter:

    replica.assignee = ticket.assignee
    replica.reporter = ticket.reporter
    replica.creator = ticket.creator

    Destination side

    Incoming sync

    Use the following scripts to sync ticket user fields received from Zendesk:

    • Set the local creator, assignee, and reporter based on the email of the remote issue creator, assignee and reporter:

      ticket.creator = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(replica.creator?.email) // submitter
      ticket.assignee = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(replica.assignee?.email)
      ticket.reporter = nodeHelper.getUserByEmail(replica.reporter?.email) // requester

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