Zendesk - Version 5.3.1

    Released for ZENDESK on March 23, 2022

    In this release, we've added a few improvements and bug fixes.


    • ZENDESK-289 Improved the UI of the Sync queue page
    • EXACOMP-929 Introduced a 'Submit' state whenever triggering an Exalate manually
    • EXACOMP-1001 Added Publishing status when clicking the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page in a Visual mode
    • EXACOMP-1285 Added a possibility to refresh connections after updating the license
    • EXACOMP-1454 Updated "Getting started" content
    • EXACOMP-1559 Improved the way errors are being displayed on a Connections page
    • EXACOMP-1621 Improved the text visibility on the Sync panel screen
    • EXACOMP-1428 Updated the "Getting Started" screen on the Exalate console
    • EXACOMP-1249 Improved tooltip for local connection
    • EXACOMP-1247 Added a refresh button for pending status
    • EXACOMP-1257 Added information that Bulk Exalating all the issues before testing the rules out would result in a huge queue
    • EXACOMP-1282 Added a progress bar to explain the sync process
    • EXACOMP-1490 Improved the Home button on the Edit connection screen
    • EXACOMP-1579 Added a confirmation modal for the unexalate action
    • EXACOMP-1698 Implement frontend sorting for the connections page

    Bug fixes

    • ZENDESK-311 Fixed the issue with the scopes with the status not being synced
    • ZENDESK-317 Fixed the Connect button appearance when there were two panels on tickets
    • ZENDESK-350 Fixed the Filter by Priority not being synced automatically
    • ZENDESK-351 FIxed the Filter by Type not being synced automatically
    • ZENDESK-368 Fixed the Default value problems for Type/Status/Priority when the same Type/Status/Priority existed on the remote side
    • ZENDESK-369 Fixed the Default value problems for Type
    • EXACOMP-1339 Fixed the arrows in the Sync method
    • EXACOMP-1361 Fixed the issue with creating premium connections after updating the license
    • EXACOMP-1415 Fixed the issue with the connections not being visible just after login
    • EXACOMP-1477 Added the Edit connection button
    • EXACOMP-1478 Fixed the overlapping issue with the long connection names on the Establish connection module
    • EXACOMP-1509 Fixed the issue with all the connection types visibility right after login
    • EXACOMP-1531 Fixed the Refresh page issues
    • EXACOMP-1546 Improved the messages that are displayed when trying to authorize without a token
    • EXACOMP-1554 Connection window scroll
    • EXACOMP-1571 Fixed the Exalate plans overview
    • EXACOMP-1612 Fixed the log out option
    • EXACOMP-1560 Improved the notification that appears when entity key expression is wrong
    • EXACOMP-1336 Removed the Revoke remote access button from the local visual connection
    • EXACOMP-1171 Fixed the "Do not send external/internal comments" option
    • EXACOMP-1620 Fixed the "Do not send external/internal comments" option in Visual mode
    • EXACOMP-1623 Fixed the connection description update 
    • EXACOMP-1644 Fixed the favicon.ico URL
    • EXACOMP-1700 Fixed the issue where the connection could be created with no configuration type selected
    • EXACOMP-1201 Added an issue key in the confirmation pop-up
    • EXACOMP-1338 Fixed the default value for Labels
    • EXACOMP-1706 Fixed the naming in Visual mode scripts
    • EXACOMP-1716 Fixed the Connect operation to the already synced issue