Clean-up Tools

    Exalate provides a tool that helps to stop issue synchronization and remove synchronization-related metadata on both sides. 

    The information that has been synchronized from one instance to another is not removed with the cleanup. 

    You can use Clean-up Tools in both cases:

    • when you want to stop the issue sync
    • when you need to resolve unhandled synchronization problems

    For instance, it is possible to remove sync info on both sides by different criteria like an issue or a connection.

    The synchronization is stopped immediately without processing sync requests that are in the Sync Queue.

    Cleanup by Issue

    You can stop the synchronization on a specific issue using its issue key.

    Cleanup by Connection

    You can stop the synchronization on all issues that are synced under a certain connection.

    Exalate checks whether you have issues under sync, and shows if there are outgoing or incoming sync events in progress.

    Note: Exalate generates the issue mapping .csv file automatically after you clean-up a connection. The file is located in {$JIRA_HOME}/exports/ directory. 

    You can recognize the file by its name. It includes connection name, date and time data when it was generated. 

    Mapping filename template:

    connect-${"ISSUE" or "RELATION" or "INSTANCE"}-${ $issueKey or $connectionName }-${ $currentDateTime.format("yyyyMMdd_HHmmss") }.csv

    Here's an example of such file: connect-RELATION-A to B-20190425_122209.csv