Custom Keys

    Object customKeys

    The customKeys is an array of objects which can be used to carry any type of information.

    Introduced in 0.5

    Example use

    You can use customKeys to transfer a value without all related metadata. You can put any desired value into the replica.CustomKeys. 

    Send the string value 

    Simple example is when you set any text string into a replica.CustomKeys and then put its value into the custom field on the remote side. This example shows how you can sync GitHub repository name using customKeys.

    Source side

    Put a repository name as a string into a replica.

    Outgoing sync(data filter)

    replica.customKeys."Repository name" = "insert the repository name here"

    Destination side

    Put the received repository name into a custom field "Remote project".

    Incoming sync sync(create/change processor)

    issue.customFields."Remote GitHub repository".value = replica.customKeys."GitHub repository name"

    Remote GitHub repository is a text custom field name on Jira.

    Send the text custom field value

    Let's send the label mood without underlying ID or metadata. When extracting the custom field's value from replica please refer to CustomFields for more details.

    Source side

     Outgoing sync(data filter)

    replica.customKeys."mood" = issue.customFields."mood".value

    Destination side

    Incoming sync sync(create/change processor)

    Put the value into description

    issue.description = replica.customKeys."mood"

    For more information, please read HP QC/ALM defect custom fields synchronization.