How to Sync Statuses in Jira On-premise?

    In this article, we describe how to sync status between instances.

    You need to configure the mapping between statuses on both sides. The example below works for all supported issue-tracking platforms.

    Source Side

    Outgoing sync

    Send local status to the remote side:

    replica.status = issue.status 

    Incoming sync

    Set the local status based on the received status value from the remote side:

    def statusMap = [
           // "remote status name": "local status name"
             "To Do" : "New",
             "In Progress" : "Working on it",
             "Done" : "Canceled"
    def remoteStatusName =
    issue.setStatus(statusMap[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName)

    Alternatively, you can set the default local status using the getStatus node helper method.

    issue.setStatus("status name")