Helper syncHelper

    getRemoteIssueUrl(entityId: String, entityType: String)

    getRemoteIssueUrl(localEntityKey: IssueKey): String


    Returns the entity URL of the twin

    Introduced in 5.5.0


    entityId The ID of the local entity.
    entityType The type of local entity 
    localEntityKey The key to the local entity

    Example Use

    For instance, you want to fetch the remote entity URL in the description field. It might very well be any other field of your choice. Write the following code in the Incoming sync on the platform you use. 

    Incoming sync(Receiving side)

    issue.description  = syncHelper.getRemoteIssueUrl("PR-1", "issue")
    //where PR-1 is the issue ID in Jira and entity type is issue.