How to Deploy the Exalate Bridge App

    Deploy the Exalate Bridge App

    Note: Dev environments cannot install applications from the ServiceNow store - follow the next steps to deploy the Exalate bridge using an XML-based update set Set up Exalate in your ServiceNow instance using an update set

    What is the Bridge App?

    The Exalate Bridge App is a ServiceNow-certified app that allows connecting your ServiceNow environment with the Exalate app.

    This bridge app is meant to simplify access to the Exalate for ServiceNow service.  When deployed it will 

    • Create 2 Roles 
      • x_idnv_exa_bridge.admin
      • x_idnv_exa_bridge.integration
    • Creates 3 ACL on the sys_journal_field table
      • read, create, write
    • Add a link to the console in the exalate bridge application menu