How to Convert Remote Status Changes to Local Comments between Jira Cloud and Jira On-premise

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    Each side of the connection has its own workflow, and you are only interested in the fact that the remote issue has changed status. This change should have no effect on the local status, but actually, be converted in a comment.

    This is pretty straightforward to do with a change processor.

    First, you need to ensure that the status information is included in the replica:

      replica.status = issue.status

    In your change processor you can add a comment whenever the status of the remote issue was changed:

    // Add a comment if the status of the remote issue was updated
    // Compare the replica status with the previous status
    if (!replica.status.equals(previous?.status)) {
      // construct the comment
      String message = "${replica.key}: Status updated from '${previous?.status?.name}' to '${replica?.status?.name}'"
      issue.comments = commentHelper.addComment(message, issue.comments)

    Here is how the result looks in your Jira: