Manual Synchronization in Jira Cloud

    Test your Connection from Jira Cloud

    Manual synchronization in Jira Cloud happens via the Exalate button in the Sync Status Panel present under the issue view.

    Note: The Sync Status Panel is available under the specific entity (i.e issue, work item, tickets, Cases, etc) view in Jira, Zendesk, Azure DevOps, and Salesforce. 

    For other platforms like GitHub, ServiceNow, HP ALM/QC including Jira, Zendesk, Azure DevOps, and Salesforce this button is available under the Exalate admin console in the Entity Sync Status tab.

    Exalate the Issue from Jira

    1. Create an issue in Jira.
      Open the issue.
      There is an Exalate Sync Panel under every issue view. Open it.

    2. Exalate the Issue
      You can see 2 buttons on the Exalate panel: Exalate and Connect.

      Exalate allows you to synchronize and create a new entity on the destination instance.  
      Connect allows you to connect 2 existing entities present in both instances.
      1. To Exalate an issue, click the Exalate button.
      2. Choose the name of the Connection you have created. 
      3. Click Submit.

    You can see the progress of the synchronization within the Exalate Sync Status panel. This status is also visible in the Entity Sync status tab on the Exalate admin panel.