Sync FAQs


What Happens with the Entity in case Synchronization Stops?
This article provides details about the impact of different actions that stop the synchronization process.
How to Sync Existing Defects in HP ALM/QC with Remote Issues in Jira
This article describes how to synchronize existing defects, including comments, attachments, and worklogs with the remote Jira issues.
What is the Max Attachment Size that Exalate Can Synchronize?
The maximum attachment size that you can synchronize depends on a couple of factors: the attachment size limit on both instances   (you can configure the max attachment size in Jira) instance HTTP/HTTPS connection timeouts We'...
How to Stop Entity Sync
Learn how to stop Entity Sync
Does Exalate Support Agile Project Synchronization?
Exalate provides the following guides to configure the synchronization of the agile project: Agile boards are typically used when setting up an environment for co-creation where one team is cooperating with another team in an agile way. Check ...
How to Add a Sync Panel to Salesforce
Learn how to add a Sync Panel to a Salesforce object.
How to Force a Quick Sync of Missing Fields in the Synced Entities
Learn how to force a quick sync of missing fields in the synced Entities
How to Search Issues Under Sync with JQL Functions
Learn how to search issues under sync with JQL functions