Configuring Error Notifications on Jira On-premise


    If you encounter an error in Exalate, a notification will be sent to the jira-administrators group. It means that all users in the jira-administrators group get an email notification.

    For an admin, working and doing the follow-up on Exalate is really helpful. However, not all JIRA administrators are working with Exalate, so they don't need to get these emails.

    You can choose which users should get the notification about the Exalate error.


    Create a new Jira users group exalate-administrators with the users who should be notified about Exalate errors.

    To create a user group:

    1. Go to Administration > User management > Groups.

    2. Enter the name of the group in the Name field.
    3. Select Add group.
    4. Select Edit members.
    5. Enter the users in the Add members to selected group(s)field.

    6. Select Add selected users.