Jira 7 End of Life and Support

    As new and improved technologies become available, some products or product versions reach their End of Life. When this happens at Exalate, we strive to make the process as non-disruptive as possible for our customers.

    Exalate software lifetime is explicitly capped at 2 years. This decision goes hand in hand with the Atlassian End of Life policy.

    Atlassian supports feature versions for 2 years after the first major iteration of that version was released. Atlassian does not provide support for instances of versions that have reached the End of Life.

    The last major release of the Jira 7 branch was introduced in 2020 and therefore support for Jira 7 is no longer provided by Atlassian. In this regard, Exalate for Jira 7 also reaches its End of Life.

    Although this is a common practice in the technology industry to replace old products with new ones over a certain period of time, with this announcement, we want to help you understand and prepare better for the resulting impact.

    How does End of Life Look for Exalate Users?

    • After 2 years of using Exalate without updates, an error indicating a mandatory upgrade, blocking all further functionality will be raised.
    • You will have to upgrade at least every 2 years to a more recent version. This is to ensure ongoing compatibility with future versions of the synchronization software. 
    • The time cap can be lifted and a patched version will be delivered.  This is waving the backward compatibility promise of the product, implying that other versions of exalate might not be able to communicate with the older version

    What Does Jira 7 End of Life Mean for the Exalate Users?

    Starting from [date],  customers who are still using Exalate on Jira 7 will not be able to receive all support privileges, such as:

    • We cannot guarantee Exalate full compatibility with Jira 7
    • Product updates will not be tested on Jira 7
    • New features will not be available for Jira 7
    • The installation of Exalate on Jira 7 will not be possible
    • Technical support will not be available for Jira 7 users

    We strongly recommend our users upgrade to newer versions of Jira to ensure high quality and full support of our product.