Automation For Jira Integration

    Automation for Jira combines the functionality of dozens of individual apps with the ease of a visual rule builder.   Exalate in combination with this add-on proves to be an extremely powerful combo allowing the implementation of advanced use cases. 

    Important: This add-on is an example of the integration of an app such as 'automation for Jira' with exalate.  It is unsupported.  Access to the source code can be provided.  Contact our Support for more information. Jira on-premise only

    How to Install Automation for Jira on-premise?

    You will have to install a number of apps

    What does it Provide?

    The integration bridge provides 2 actions

    • The Exalate action allows starting synchronizing an issue
    • The Unexalate action tears down all synchronization information such that all synchronization is stopped