Sync Public and Private Jira On-premises


    A quite common use case is synchronization between 2 Instances, where one Instance is behind the firewall and is not accessible from the outside network.

    The Exalate is able to handle this situation by configuring a 'private' to 'public' connection.

    Only the private instance will initiate the network traffic to the public one and request if there are any changes queued.

    Check how the traffic is different between public and private instances for more details.


    You have two Jira instances. One instance is behind and you cannot access it from your side. Another instance is a public instance which can be accessed from the public network.

    Let's call the private instance Internal and the public instance External. Only the Internal instance can initiate network traffic to the External instance.

    You want to exchange data between the InternalProject and ExternalProject that are present on the internal and external Jira instances respectively.

    Below you can see the configuration steps to set up such kind of synchronization.

    Configuration Steps

    1. Set up a Connection from your Instance
      1. Select the proper connection type as shown below
      2. Complete other steps from the connection wizard
    2. Send an Invitation to the Destination Instance
    3. Make sure the Destination side has accepted the invitation
    4. Synchronize issues.

    For a more detailed explanation check our getting started guide.