Known Issue: Salesforce Installation Problems


    There is a reported problem where users are not able to install Exalate for Salesforce Bridge App. 

    As a user, you will encounter the following error. 


    To implement the workaround, both the iDalko support team and the customer Salesforce admin (team) must be involved.

    This document provides an overview of the steps for the customer. 

    Steps to Deploy the Workaround

    1. The first step is to raise a support ticket on our support portal with the URL of the Salesforce org (Classic).
    The URL of the Salesforce org such as:

    2.  We will provide an Exalate Node (deployed on the Exalate cloud) reserved for the tracker. 

    The Exalate Node URL such as: 

    3. Now, you need to configure a Connected App. 

    • Select the following OAuth Scopes.

      • Access the identity URL Service.
      • Manage user data via APIs.
      • Perform requests at any time.
    • Check 'Require Secret for Web Server Flow'.
    • The callback URL must be set to:
      <Exalate URL>/rest/oauth/callback 


                <Exalate URL> is the Node URL provided by the support team.

                 For instance,

    4. Check the OAuth Policies of the Connected App. 

    5. Create the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
    (App Manager → View the Connected app → Click 'Manage Consumer Details') 

    6. Access the Console on the provided Exalate Node URL (Step 2).

    7. Enter the Consumer Key and Secret on the provided screen.

    8. You need to register yourself and you will receive an email containing a verification link.

    9. Apply the verification link.

    Note that the current verification will redirect you to a non-existing page on salesforce itself.  This is a known issue and can be ignored.

    10. Access the node with the provided node url.
    Login with the User ID, password, and secret token. 

    You should now have access to the Exalate console, and configuration can start.