How to sync multiple Zendesk tickets to one Jira Cloud issue

    You can sync multiple Zendesk tickets into one Jira Cloud issue by using the Exalate Connect API.


    Outgoing sync

    In Zendesk, you need to make a custom field and assign a Jira issue key you want to connect to.

    In this example we will use ABC-123 as the default issue key.

    1 replica.customFields."ABC-123" = issue.customFields."ABC-123"

    Jira Cloud

    Incoming sync

    After you Exalate the ticket in Zendesk, this script will be executed in Jira Cloud. It will connect the corresponding tickets.

    1 def remoteIssueUrn = replica.customFields."ABC-123"?.value
    2 if(remoteIssueUrn && firstSync){
    3   def localIssue = httpClient.get("/rest/api/2/issue/"+remoteIssueUrn)
    4   if(localIssue == null) throw new com.exalate.api.exception.IssueTrackerException("Issue with key "+remoteIssueUrn+" was not found")
    5 = localIssue?.id
    6   issue.key = localIssue?.key
    7   return;
    8 }

    Also, check out our video on how to sync multiple Zendesk tickets into one Jira issue:

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