Version 1.3

    Version 1.3.1

    Released: 28 November 2016

    Bug fixes

    • JIRANODE-1426 - NPE when priority is not set on create processor
    • JIRANODE-1429 - Still possible to sync after downgrading a subscription

    Version 1.3

    Released: 18 November 2016

    Authenticated connections

    In this release we introduce authenticated connections. Enforce local security policies on every level of the synchronisation.
    Local administrators can now ensure that any change is done in the context of a specific JIRA user such that local permission and issue security schemes are fully respected.

    • Authentication can be enforced on node, instance and/ relation level
    • Remote instances can define on instance and relation level which local userid and password should be used to connect to the local tracker
    • Define the authentication details as if the remote instance is a normal JIRA user - all local security policies are respected

    Processor enhancements

    • Issue fields which are mandatory at create time can now be set properly. Mandatory issues fields are now respected.
    • The default format of merge comments has been enhanced

    Sync panel enhancements

    As an administrator you can choose what link to the remote issue is created

    • As an issue link (web based)
    • As a link in the sync panel
    • Both or none

    Exalate for JIRA Cloud

    Related to this release we introduce compatibility with JIRA Cloud which supports

    • Immediate synchronisation when JIRA Cloud based issues are modified
    • Synchronisation panel on the JIRA Cloud issue allowing to visually check the status of the synchronisation
    • Flexible mapping with groovy based scripting