Version 1.2

    Version 1.2.0

    released: November 1, 2016

    With this release you are able to synchronize status categories to simplfiy the creation of workflow orchestrations. Now it is possible to write a script such as

    ** Close the issue from the moment the remote issue is set to a 'Done' status
    if (replica.status.category == "Done") {

    In addition we added the createComponent helper function which allows to create components in a project. More details here

    def componentsArray = replica.components.toArray()
    def currentProject = nodeHelper.getProject(projectKey)
    for (int i = 0; i < componentsArray.length; i++)
      // Lookup the component (and create it in case it doesn't exist)
      def component =  nodeHelper.createComponent(issue, componentsArray[i].name,
                                                         null, "PROJECT_DEFAULT" )

    More formally

    • JIRANODE-1391 - ctrl-space autocomplete is not supported (yet) - should be removed from the UI
    • JIRANODE-650 - As part of the status, also sync the Status Category
    • JIRANODE-1370 - Allow to create components