Version 1.0

    Version 1.0.4

    Released Sep 6. 2016

    • JIRANODE-1225 - JIRA 7.2 compatibility
    • JIRANODE-1311 - Requests can be processed in wrong order
    • JIRANODE-1312 - Updating remote twin trace id on twin trace also set to null the STATUS
    • JIRANODE-1314 - Request processor find twin trace by local issue when computing gaps

    Version 1.0.2

    Released Aug 23, 2016

    • JIRANODE-1297 - Clean-up delete blob metadata before deleting blob events
    • JIRANODE-1305 - Valid subscription key fails to validate on one 1.0.1 but valid on another 1.0.1

    Version 1.0.1

    Released Aug 17, 2016

    • JIRANODE-1295 - Sync event fails on being cleaned-up

    Version 1.0.0

    Released Aug 8, 2016

    Version 1.0.0 is about further stabilization, bug fixes and optimizations as requested by our customers.
    We also introduce a license enforcement method.

    This feature has been designed in such a way that 

    1. only one side pays for the synchronisation of an issue.
    2. synchronisation is paused if it is not funded allowing the parties to determine who will license the synchronisation
    3. When installing/upgrading the add-on, an evaluation mode is automatically enabled allowing to purchase the right license


    • JIRANODE-278 - Connect screen: The relation picker gets broken if the validation has not passed
    • JIRANODE-831 - No error created when worklog add permission is missing
    • JIRANODE-844 - Enums in json XXXValue classes can lead to IllegalArgumentExceptions
    • JIRANODE-845 - Enums in db XXXDTO classes can lead to ActiveObjectsException
    • JIRANODE-865 - SYNC Event stuck in queue - waiting for response, but no corresponding issue
    • JIRANODE-960 - Compatibility code for traces in both sides is failing in 3 IT.
    • JIRANODE-999 - Messages display when testing connection on edit instances should be improved
    • JIRANODE-1016 - NPE when creating sync event
    • JIRANODE-1028 - illegal node level error
    • JIRANODE-1031 - Invalid log message: creating a replica for the issue `null`
    • JIRANODE-1032 - Incorrect log message: Comment could not be created because null
    • JIRANODE-1042 - "Remove sync info for issue" fails if the relation is deleted
    • JIRANODE-1044 - Status lozenge is wrong after hitting an error
    • JIRANODE-1061 - Document the 'deactivated' status
    • JIRANODE-1063 - CSV file download details are bogus when support tools clean 0 entries
    • JIRANODE-1064 - Endless loop querying sync status
    • JIRANODE-1068 - Cannot delete relation with IE 11
    • JIRANODE-1074 - Impossible to recover from errors on send response status when handling a remote issue deleted request
    • JIRANODE-1078 - hubComment.isInternal is not set when an internal comment is created
    • JIRANODE-1086 - The remote issue tab does not display the value of the "reporter"
    • JIRANODE-1087 - issue.fixVersions.add does not work
    • JIRANODE-1089 - Priority not logged correctly
    • JIRANODE-1124 - jiranode reports 18 errors, but no errors resume showed
    • JIRANODE-1131 - REST Clients incorrectly log outgoing requests as "incoming" and don't log responses
    • JIRANODE-1146 - comment.created = xyz is not applied
    • JIRANODE-1177 - Local instance gets set to a remote instance while trying to set a remote instance
    • JIRANODE-1180 - Clean-up for issue does not enable to clean-up sync info of deleted issue
    • JIRANODE-1185 - Can't upgrade to jiranode 0.13.10 on jira 6.2 due to classnotfound exception
    • JIRANODE-1187 - Apply the existing Connect Context on event rescheduling
    • JIRANODE-1227 - Wrong add/edit license titles
    • JIRANODE-1228 - Remote link failing on being created
    • JIRANODE-1229 - Relation can be deleted even when sync info is attached to it
    • JIRANODE-1231 - Error remote issue urn is not set on error creation
    • JIRANODE-1232 - Error remote issue is not showed on UI
    • JIRANODE-1233 - IssueNotInEditableStateException raised even though the issue did not change
    • JIRANODE-1234 - Node exceptions should create issue level errors when updating and creating an issue
    • JIRANODE-1235 - Cleaning-up 0 issues show connect file message
    • JIRANODE-1237 - Fix flipping Integration Tests
    • JIRANODE-1240 - Handle the case in which there is no node info for the instance in the ConnectContextCompatibilityService
    • JIRANODE-1251 - CreateReplicaSyncRequestState doesn't register an error on IncompatibleVersionException
    • JIRANODE-1253 - Side panel doesn't show up when trying to perform a cleanup
    • JIRANODE-1256 - Wrong license validation
    • JIRANODE-1263 - Fix the flipping IT's
    • JIRANODE-1270 - Proxy user not being setted generates issue level error with confusing error message
    • JIRANODE-1272 - Lifecycle is not created during execution of upgrade tasks


    • JIRANODE-482 - Remove the Hub Objects v0 compatible date parsing
    • JIRANODE-813 - Simplify Replica Helper Test hasChanges method
    • JIRANODE-957 - Re-implement u.c.e.p.j.example1.JiraChangeIssueProcessorTest
    • JIRANODE-985 - Remove the node-layer classes (com.atlassian*) from the INodeService interface
    • JIRANODE-1000 - Change default processors to include comment and attachments Helpers
    • JIRANODE-1005 - Support Tools: Show a success message when cleanup succeeded
    • JIRANODE-1015 - Cleanup Tools: allow sync info to be removed for issues that don't exist (anymore)
    • JIRANODE-1037 - Simplify the Trace table references to SyncEvent table
    • JIRANODE-1040 - Remove the remoteTracesSet from the SyncEvent
    • JIRANODE-1045 - Syncing a change to a non-editable issue should result in an issue level error
    • JIRANODE-1048 - Documentation: clarify the responsibilities of the proxy user
    • JIRANODE-1049 - Refactor the usages of IRelation setters to rather use NonPersistentRelation
    • JIRANODE-1058 - Integrate the use of the .../2.0/blobevents/$blob_event_id/blob resource
    • JIRANODE-1077 - Deprecate IHubIssue.doTransition in documentation
    • JIRANODE-1080 - Raise an instance level error if some of the feature versions are not compatible
    • JIRANODE-1099 - Update replication state machine diagrams
    • JIRANODE-1101 - Log when the "Escalate" postfunction is executed on an issue that was created by the proxy user
    • JIRANODE-1109 - Review all the usages of words "remote" and "local" in the REST messages
    • JIRANODE-1125 - comment.groupLevel is not applied when adding synced comments
    • JIRANODE-1169 - Register errors with remote issue key
    • JIRANODE-1199 - We should only block pair & connect requests due to licensing
    • JIRANODE-1216 - FIx flipping test PendingSyncEventsArePickedUpWiredTest testPendingSync:EventsAreNotStuckAfterRuntimeExceptionThrownFromCreateProcessor
    • JIRANODE-1221 - Issue level errors should block sync requests.
    • JIRANODE-1230 - Adhere AO entity declaration to our guidelines
    • JIRANODE-1254 - Trace Type on trace value should be a string
    • JIRANODE-1266 - Ensure that the blob requests have all the info of the blob metadata from the blob request value
    • JIRANODE-1271 - Add an error message on the relation page when we try to delete the relation that has an information
    • JIRANODE-1274 - Remove the EscalatingWorkflowValidator